The Oxford County Community Health Centre (OCCHC) is a non-for-profit charitable organization, serving communities across Oxford County. Its primary funder is Ontario Health (West). We are funded to serve marginalized individuals, meaning those facing health & social complexities in everyday life; with limited income & resources; and without a Physician or Nurse Practitioner.
As of 2023, there were 101 CHC’s across Ontario. Each CHC offers services and programs tailored to their respective community.

Our Journey – Immersed in Community

  • In November 2005, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) announced that the City of Woodstock was designated to establish a Community Health Centre (CHC).
  • In 2006 the MOHLTC hired a consultant to conduct a preliminary community engagement process. The main objective was to mobilize local representatives to lead the development of the new CHC.
  • At the conclusion of this first phase, it was decided that the catchment area for services must extend beyond Woodstock into neighbouring communities.
  • The newly named Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre (WACHC) was born.
  • The Steering Committee became an incorporated Board of Directors, with Letters Patent, in 2008.
  • Our doors opened in 2010, with our main office in Woodstock, ON, and a satellite office in Tillsonburg, ON, for selected team-based services.
  • To better reflect our reach and mission, our name was changed from the Woodstock & Area Community Health Centre to Oxford County Community Health Centre in 2017.

Our Vision and Mission purposely allow for strategic & operational growth to meet community needs & address the social determinants of health, as we have witnessed over the years with the addition of, for example:

  • Episode of Care (EOC) Physiotherapy – 2014
  • Housing Stability Services – 2018
  • Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic – 2019
  • Youth Outreach & Housing Support Program – 2019
  • Southwestern Public Health Seniors Dental Care Program – 2020
  • Mobile Health Outreach Bus – 2020
  • Transitional Living Program Woodstock (Huron House) – 2020
  • Community Dental Clinic in partnership with Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry– 2021
  • Oxford Sexual Assault Services – 2022
  • Transitional Living Program Tillsonburg (Lighthouse) – 2023

The OCCHC continues to assess opportunities for growth, and adjustment to programs, in order to meet evolving community needs – serving as a catalyst for change.