School Within A College

For the past three years, we have had the pleasure of hosting School Within A College, affectionately known as SWAC at the health centre weekly.


School Within A College group

SWAC is an alternative education program partnership between the Thames Valley District School Board and Fanshawe College.  SWAC students spend time completing their secondary school diplomas as well has have the opportunity for dual-credit courses at Fanshawe College.

In addition to cooking in our Community Kitchen each Friday, the SWAC crew are also here every second Monday for a program called Carpe Diem.

SWAC Mural Team working

2017 SWAC Team working on the mural.

SWAC students have been an extraordinary addition to the health centre community.  Students have volunteered at community programs, such as Stage for Change and youth programs; helped in the office and are responsible for the mural in our community room.

It’s a great pleasure to have these wonderful students make the health centre part of their community.

Visit the SWAC website for more information.