Rights & Responsibilities of Clients

Responsibilities of Clients

 To be involved in your health care; including following care plans created with your health care provider

  • To treat all staff and other clients with respect and courtesy
  • To share important information necessary for your care
  • To have positive interactions with Health Centre Staff including:
    • Be on time for appointments
    • Cancel appointments if not able to attend in a timely fashion
    • Be honest; let us know when something is not working for you

Rights of Clients

 To express your opinions and be heard in a manner that is open, honest and accepting

  • To be treated courteously, respectfully, fairly, with dignity and without discrimination
  • To have your privacy and confidentiality respected
  • To have your individuality respected, which may include various ethnic, psychological, spiritual, language or cultural issues
  • To provide feedback to the Centre, including making a complaint
  • To be fully informed, in language you can understand, and make decisions regarding all aspects of your care
  • To be told about your treatment options,  including the right to decline treatment and be informed of the possible consequences
  • To feel safe and free from abuse