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Mural Project

In the spring of 2017, students from the School Within A College volunteered to take on the task of creating a wall mural here at the Health Centre.

This group of students has created the context and story for the mural and are now in the process of producing this amazing piece of art.

The story of the mural reflects a person’s journey and experience here at the Oxford County Community Health Centre, as well as individual stories of the artists.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious, the team is doing its best to source unused/recycled paint, so that they do not contribute to environmental problems by having to discard old, unused paint.

The project is a community endeavour.  Many community members have donated supplies or money to help support the project.

The mural, when completed, will be in excess of 22m2 or 240 square feet.

A special thank you to the School Within A College students who have put hundreds of hours into the creation of this timeless work.

wall mural