Board of Directors


The Oxford County Community Health Centre is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

  • Board members are drawn from the community at large – individuals currently working and or living in Oxford County, who demonstrate a passion for the vision & mission of the OCCHC, and a strong belief in health equity.
  • We strive to achieve geographic representation from across Oxford County – urban and rural mix, combined with diverse (1) skill-sets; (2) sector/system experience (human services, justice, legal, industry, business, health services, etc.); and (3) lived experience.
  • By-laws allow for minimum of 3 and maximum of 13 Board members, including past Chair.
  • Term of Office is 3 consecutive years, renewable once, for a total of 6 years.
  • Board orientation and periodic evaluations are guided by a comprehensive OCCHC Governance Policy Manual

Performance Framework Oversight

  • The execution of Board responsibilities is framed by the obligations, commitments, and performance targets set out in our annual Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (M-SAA), Ontario Health West.
  • Quarterly performance analysis and outcomes are reported via Ontario Healthcare Reporting Standards (OHRS) platform

Foundational Commitment – Model of Health & Wellbeing

  • Further to the Performance Framework, the Board formerly commits to the Model of Health & Wellbeing on an annual basis, advocated by our provincial association – Alliance for Healthier Communities.
    • It is an evidence-based model driving community-governed comprehensive primary care organizations
    • Foundational commitments are:
      • Delivering highest quality people-and-community-centred care
      • Delivering care grounded in community vitality & belonging
      • Advancing health equity and social justice